15 Different Ways To Use Your Old T-Shirts

15 Different Ways To Use Your Old T-Shirts

How to manage old t-shirts?

We keep on buying our T-shirts from time to time and yet don't throw away many old ones. These keep piling in our wardrobes to add to our woes. 

We as a whole have them in our wardrobe, old t-shirts that we never wear, yet we save out of the blue at all. So why not take them out a refashion them into some great artworks and valuable frill? Here are 15 different ways to use your old T-shirts from around the blogosphere to restyle, reuse and re-wear your old t-shirts.

1. Do-It-Yourself splash-color t-shirt headband

Here are 3 imaginative approaches to make a pleasant splash-color headbands with your old t-shirt which you can sport anywhere.

Headband from old T-Shirts

2. Striped t-shirt market sack

Make this stylish little market pack from an old striped shirt through. This is a great way to make use of last season's team t-shirts or a previous year's event t-shirts! Just repurpose an unwanted t-shirt today and easily turn the t-shirt into a re-usable tote bag.

T-Shirt Tote Bags


3. The most effective method to make texture yarn with old tees

Isn't this a virtuoso little thought? By deliberately clipping your old shirts you can make you own texture yarn that you can use for a wide range of new things, a scarf, cover, dependent upon you to choose! 

T-Shirt Yarn

Source: T-shirt Yarn

4. Do-It-Yourself Reused shirt neckband

Offer this pleasant expression accessory by clipping up an old shirt and turning it into a necklace!

T-shirt Necklace

How to create T-Shirt Necklace?
Source: Frualnomics

5. Pencil skirt from t-shirt

Transform that old tee into a comfortable cotton pencil skirt in a couple of simple advances through this powerful yet simple technique.

Before the Pencil Skirt

After the Pencil Skirt

Source: Pencil Cut Skirt Refashion

6. Interlaced shirt belt

Need another extraordinary method to utilize old Shirts? Well… what about an interlaced belt with an Old T-Shirt? Excited!

T-Shirt Braided Belt

Source: T-Shirt Braided Belt

7. Upcycled shirt Do-It-Yourself canine toy

Here's probably the most recent instructional exercise where I upcycle an old shirt into a great pull and throw toy for my canine. My dogs are going are going to enjoy this!

T-Shirt Canine Toy

Source: T-Shirt Canine Toy

8. T-Shirt teddy bear

Inhale new life into your disposed of t-shirt by creating it into a loveable new character! This method will surely help you smile. 

DIY Teddy Bear with Old-T-Shirt

Source: DIY Teddy Bear with Old T-Shirt

9. Do-It-Yourself no-sew t-shirt sea beach tote

What an ideal method to upcycle those realistic tees into tote bags. Make this fun bordered no-sew sea shore sack with a quick start.

No Sew T-Shirt Beach Tote

Source: No Sew T-Shirt Beach Tote

10. Do-It-Yourself exercise headband

Keep your bangs or minimal wispy hairs out of your face during an extreme perspiration meeting, or hit the yoga studio in style with this very adorable five strand plaited headband! These DIY fitness headbands are super cute as well as they are stretchy and stay on your head!

DIY Exercise Headband

Source: DIY Exercise Headband

11. Balenciaga propelled crop top

This DIY was really easy and with very little effort. Want to make your own stylish crop tops, they would also be an inexpensive way to add some tops to the teens and even younger girls clothing for summer. This is the way to go!

DIY Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

Source: DIY Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

12. Instructions to make spotted shirt scarf

Have a good time designed old t-shirt that you don't wear any longer? Here's the way to make your own personal shirt scarf, utilizing an old pullover tee. No sewing required! Learn to make it right here.

Polka Dot DIY No Sew Infinity Scarf

Source: Polka Dot DIY No Sew Infinity Scarf

13. Do-It-Yourself interlaced shirt bracelet

Make these fun beautiful eye candy wristband with this instructional exercise. These wristbands lool great on your hands and may also define a style statement.

Do-It-Yourself interlaced shirt bracelet

Source: Do-It-Yourself interlaced shirt bracelet

14. Periphery t-shirt jewelry

The periphery pattern is pressing onward! Make this pleasant periphery neckband from and upcycled shirt with this.

Repurpose an Old T-shirt Into A Fringe Necklace

Source: Fringe Necklace -

15. T-Shirt cloth carpet instructional exercise

Recollect that texture yarn shown above? Here's the manner by which you can make the textured yarn into a solid cloth mat which looks great on any floor.

Make Beautiful Rag Rug from T-Shirt

Source: Make Rag Rug from Old T-Shirt

Now that you know how to use your old T-shirts, just jump in and fully use it. Let us know if you have any more ideas. 

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